PAX NATURA – Peace with Nature


The preservation and restoration of the rainforest represents a Universal Declaration of Peace with Nature marking the beginning of a new era of life on earth where human civilization is patterned upon the eternal guiding principles of natural law, and the diversity of life is governed, without prejudice, from the unity and oneness of Nature.


 Masked Puddle

“Twenty-five percent of medicines owe their existence to plants from the rainforest while seventy-percent of plants useful in cancer treatment are found only in these ecosystems..

Source:Deforestation Rates in Tropical Forests


“It is said that people destroy forests because they are poor, and that deforestation causes poverty-but generalizations are a poor foundation for policy,” said Kenneth Chomitz, the report’s lead author. “We find that deforestation is caused by both rich and poor people-and it can either destroy or create assets for poor people.”

 Costa Rica Rain Forest