William Connell


Dame Jane Goodall Ph.D.
CBE, U.N. Messenger of Peace, Founder, Jane Goodall Institute, Founder, ‘Roots & Shoots’

International Board of Advisors

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
1984 Nobel Peace Prize (South Africa)

Dinah Davidson, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology and Ecology, University of Utah (USA)


William Connelly
Founder Pax Natura. Vice President, Pax Natura Foundation, Architect (USA)

Randall Tolpinrud, M.A.
Founder Pax Natura, President of the Pax Natura Foundation (USA)

Founding Trustees

Carlos Jimenez Freer
Founding Pax Natura Trustee, President, Xcel (Costa Rica)

Federico Gutierrez, M.A.
Founding Pax Natura Trustee (Costa Rica)

Jerry Robinson
Founding Pax Natura Trustee, Architect AIA (USA)


Trent Alvey
Artist, Poet, President of Trent Alvey Design (USA)

Doug Anderson
President, Pacific Commercial Properties (USA)

President Oscar Arias
President of Costa Rica, 1987 Nobel Peace Prize

Ana Baez, M.A.
President, Conservacion Consultores (Costa Rica)

Wm. Hugh Bollinger, Ph.D.
President, Pandaray (USA)

Deen Chatterjee Ph.D.
Senior Advisor and Professorial Fellow at the S. J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah and Global Ethics Fellow at the Carnegie Council in New York City (USA)

Sr. Cristóbal Colón
duque de Veragua, Madrid - Spain

Forrest Cuch
Director of Indian Affairs, State of Utah (USA)

Wade Davis Ph.D.
Cultural Anthropologist, National Geographic (USA)

Phil Emmi, Ph.D.
Professor of Urban Planning, University of Utah (USA)

Steve Estes
C.F.S., Global (USA)

Alicia Kazimir, M.A.
Educator (USA)

Denise Lynch
Founder, Clear Mind Institute (USA)

Jorge Alejandro Miranda Vasquez
International Student (Costa Rica)

Aung San Suu Kyi
1991 Nobel Peace Prize (Burma)

Rodrigo Gamez Lobo, Ph.D.
Director General, INBio (Costa Rica)

Diego Alonso Gutierrez
Consultant (Costa Rica)

Kailani Jimenez
Naturalist & Guide (Costa Rica)

Randal Longstroth
IT Consultant (USA)

Alana Metcalf
Director of Global Projects for Tectus

Jeff Middleton

Federico Muñoz
Biologist and Naturalist (Costa Rica)

Robert Newman, Ph.D.
Dean of College of Humanities and Professor of English, University of Utah (USA)

Leila de Pacheco
Former Primara Dama of the Republic of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

President Dr. José Ramos-Horta
President of East Timor, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize (East Timor)

Susen Sawatzki
Partner Development for ManyOne Networks, Publisher of adnews (USA)

Denice Sherwin
Consultant (USA)

Dennis Sizemore
Founder, Round River Conservation (USA)

Somgya Titus
Financial Consultant (USA)

Isaac Tolpinrud
Naturalist and Guide (USA)

Betty Williams
1976 Nobel Peace Prize (UK)

Brooke Williams
Author and Environmentalist (USA)

Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D.
Pellegrino University Research Professor of Biology, Harvard University, Pulitzer Prize Author (USA)


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