Each year the Pax Natura Foundation presents the Pax Natura Award to that individual whose life work exemplifies the highest ideals of Peace with Nature. Through this acknowledgment, the Pax Natura Foundation hopes to focus local and international attention on those individuals whose vision and efforts have resulted in healing the division between the human community and the natural world. We welcome suggestions for possible recipients of the award from the local and international communities.

- International Recipients

Sr. Federico Gutierrez
Sr. Federico Gutierrez (Costa Rica)


President Oscar Arias (Costa Rica)
Former President Oscar Arias (Costa Rica)

Dr. Jane Goodall
Dame Jane Goodall (UK)

Robert B Keiter
Dr. Rodrigo Gámez Lobo
President and founder of the
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio) Costa Rica

- Executive Special Recognition

James Holtcamp
James Holtcamp
Holland and Heart LLP (Partner)

Jan Nystrom
Jan Nystrom
Associate Director Wallace Stegner Center
University of Utah

Robert B Keiter
Robert B. Keiter
Professor Wallace Stegner Center
University of Utah

Carlos Jimenez Freer
Brin D'Amor Project
Pijije de Bagaces, Costa Rica


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