Beyond Despair: Theory and Practice in Environmental Humanities

Web Page Link  Wednesday–Friday, April 3–5, 2019  National Humanities Center, 7 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC This unique three-day summit of scholars and experts from across the country features a dynamic intersection between discussion, presentations, and exhibitions, grounded in practical site excursions. The summit is being convened by Robert D. Newman, founder of the […]

Life is a Miracle

    KIRKUS REVIEW A strong polemic, in which Berry (Another Turn of the Crank, 1995, etc.) takes a wrecking ball to E.O. Wilson’s Consilience, reducing its smug assumptions regarding the fusion of science, art, and religion to so much rubble. Berry does not see life as mechanical or predictable or understandable, and he does not […]

Presentacion del Libro GENES ALTERADOS de Steve Drucker

La Asociación Ambientalista Guerreros Verdes A.C. se complace en compartir los nuevos videos que retoman en alta calidad las platicas que Steve Drucker compartiera durante la presentacion de su Libro. En esta ocasión, la presentacion se da en el Club de Periodistas  donde comparte la palabra con otros ponentes destacados como el Doctor Antonio Turrent, Rene […]

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