Pax Natura Foundation: Steven Druker 

When: Thu., April 23, 7 p.m. 2015 Event will be held in the 4th Floor Conference Room. This is the Salt Lake stop on the world tour of author Steven Druker, a public interest attorney who sued the FDA about their GMO conspiracy. He then wrote the book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth — How the […]

Encyclopedia of Global Justice | Deen K. Chatterjee

Pax Natura Foundation – Randall Tolpinrud – While wars over the centuries among nations have ravaged the human population, an undeclared war has also been raging against the natural world. This conflict, according to the Pax Natura Foundation, while complex and difficult to define, in many ways now appears to constitute a potentially far more […]

Alliance for New Humanity Conference

Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez to receive prestigious “2003 Pax Natura Award” at “Alliance for New Humanity Conference” in San Juan Puerto Rico, December 12th, at the Westin Riomar Beach Resort SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO: Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez is a leader for the new millennium. As President of Costa Rica, he brokered the peace agreement […]

Pax Natura Receives Honorary Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Pax Natura Foundation will receive the Honorary Distinguished Alumnus Award. As their name reflects, they have made a universal declaration of peace with nature. Pax Natura Foundation (PNF) is a nonprofit, charitable and educational foundation that has acquired and protected more than 500 acres of primary forest in Costa Rica with an additional 60,000 […]

The Ethics of Preventive War

In this book, eleven leading theorists debate the normative challenges of preventive war through the lens of important public and political issues of war and peace in the twenty-first century. Their discussion covers complex and topical subjects including terrorism, the ‘Bush doctrine’ and the invasion of Iraq, Iran’s nuclear capabilities, superpower unilateralism and international war […]

Dr. Rodrigo Gámez recibirá el Premio Pax Natura 2012

Aquí con la Presidenta Laura Chinchilla. Foto archivo. Heredia : La Fundación Pax Natura promotora de la paz con la naturaleza, otorgará el próximo 11 de julio el importante reconocimiento “Pax Natura 2012″ al Dr. Rodrigo Gámez Lobo, Presidente del Instituto Nacional de Biodiverdidad (INBio). El presidente de esta Fundación, Sr. Randall Tolpinrud aseguró, “No […]

Presidente del INBio recibe reconocimiento por su aporte a la conservacion de la biodiversidad

San Jose 11 de julio de 2012. La presidenta de la Republica, Laura Chinchilla Miranda y la Fundacion Pax Natura, reconcieron el importante aporte a la conservacion de la diodiversidad que ha realizado el Dr. Rodrigo Gamez Lobo, Presidente del Instituto Nacional de Biodiverdidad (INBio). Gamez recibio el premio Pax Natura 2012, el cual busca […]

How Costa Rica Is Saving The Environment

Inside Article Link What would you say if we told you there was a country that used 99.2% renewable energy, has kept is GDP growing for decades, disbanded its military, and transformed itself from one of the most deforested nations in the Western hemisphere to one with forest cover over half its area? It�s not […]