Pax Natura Award Presentation for 2017 And Solar Installation

Pax Natura Award Presentation for 2017
And Solar Installation

The Board of Trustees of the Pax Natura Foundation have
selected Sioux Nation Elders LaDonna Brave Bull Allard & Bobbi
Jean HuYamni to receive an Executive Pax Natura Award for 2017
with Honorarium at a ceremony to be held in Roosevelt, Utah, on
Saturday, September 9th. As part of the award ceremony, Pax
Natura will install a PV Solar System in honor of the Dakota Access

The award presentation will be at the home of Mr. Forrest Cuch, Pax Natura
Trustee and member of the Ute Indian Tribe Reservation, in Roosevelt, Utah.
Bobbi-Jean and LaDonna were pivotal in organizing the Standing Rock Sioux
Nation resistance movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock
in 2016-2017. Ladonna Brave Bull Allard is a Lakota historian and activist. In
April 2016, she founded the first resistance camp of the Dakota Access Pipeline
protests, Sacred Stones, aimed at halting the Dakota Access Pipeline near the
Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Allard is an enrolled member
of, and former historical preservation officer for, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Her people are Inhunktonwan from the Jamestown Valley, Hunkpapa and
Blackfoot. While there are now multiple water protector camps at the Standing
Rock Sacred Stone, the first camp is on Allard’s private property. Out of this
movement grew the global Dakota Access Pipeline protests. By December, 2016,
more than 10,000 indigenous people and environmental activists were camping in
the area and has become the largest intertribal alliance on the American continent
in centuries and, possibly ever, with over 200 tribal nations represented. It took a
great deal of courage, passion, and wisdom to organize this highly successful nonviolent
demonstration against a project that could result in the contamination of the
tribe’s water supply. The Pax Natura Foundation will award these two brave Peace
Warriors with a beautiful award plaque, Peace Blanket, hand-made Peace Glass,
and honorarium at the event on September 9th.

Pax Natura will also provide funding and labor for a 2.4Kw solar system to
be installed near the Ute Reservation in Roosevelt. Trustees from the Foundation
will travel to Roosevelt to help with the installation including the mounting frame
with 8-300-Watt PV Panels, Inverter, and Net Meter permitting with the local
power company. We would like to invite all members of the Ute Tribe to
participate in what promises to be a very special day in Roosevelt where a number
of American Indian tribes will be represented.

The Pax Natura Award is given to that individual whose accomplishments
exemplify the highest ideals of Peace with Nature. The Foundation promotes this
ideal by acknowledging the sovereignty of natural law over all living systems and
our direct dependence upon the health and preservation of these natural systems.
The Foundation holds that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is
not an ideal in the abstract but presupposes sustainability. The rights of future
generations to clean air, water, and food, if compromised by the present
generation’s destruction of these living systems, constitute an infringement and
violation not only of basic human rights, but also an infringement on the rights of
all species so foundational to life itself.